Me and Mine | January

And we’re back in January. My second year of participating in The Me and Mine project and I have high hopes for this year. These photos were taken at the last minute at the weekend before I rushed to work. Unfortunately these photos do not match up with my expectations but that just sums up my January.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record on this blog but I am really struggling with lack of family time. With Matt working Monday to Friday and me Saturday to Monday we very rarely get a day off together. And actually January was a month where we didn’t manage one day off at all and I felt it. I really did. I have five weeks left before my maternity leave starts and I think that seeing the end in sight is actually making time drag. All I can picture is long leisurely weekends as a family and I have seriously romanticised them, I know that they will struggle to live up to my expectations.

There’s just something about January, I don’t know if it’s the weather or the long nights or whatever but it’s not the best for me. But. Positive time people. I am super excited for the rest of this year. I’m guessing February is going to be another tough one but after that. Well, it’s going to get really good. We have so many little trips planned, family weddings and, of course, the arrival of our littlest one to look forward to!

The Me and Mine Project

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