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Being out exploring with Lyra is definitely my happy place. There’s just something about being in the fresh air watching her interact with the world around her which brings me the greatest joy. At least one of us has been ill in our house at any point for the the last two and a half weeks. There has been a lot of family snuggling under a duvet watching a movie time. Some days going outside has been the last thing that we’ve wanted to do. And that’s fine. We were ill and trying to get well. But I’ve made sure that any moment where we all felt well we’ve been out. And I really believe that’s helped us retain our sanity these past couple of weeks. There are a couple of things that we’ve tried to stick to to make our outdoor adventures fun even when we haven’t all been feeling it.

Keeping our trips short. We haven’t tried to stay outside all day like we would usually do. We’ve just stayed until one of us has had enough. No expectations and no annoyance if someone has had enough only half an hour into it. At least we’ve been out and everyone has had fun whilst we were.

Staying close to home. This ties in with with my first point really as it’s obviously much easier to keep our trip short if we’re not too far from home. Staying close also has the added benefit of not requiring us to take as much stuff out with us and no long travelling times.

Dressing appropriately. This is something that we always try to do anyway and I’m definitely guilty of putting Lyra in one more layer than she probably needs when we head out for a little adventure. I just find that when you’re under the weather you’re also probably quicker to get annoyed or fed up if you’re cold or wet etc. Lyra has spent most of the week in her padded puddle suit to keep her dry and warm and I haven’t neglected myself either, making sure I had gloves and a scarf at all times.

Keep it simple. We didn’t plan any big days out as we knew that we were unlikely to manage them, instead we stuck to local parks and outdoor spaces. Lyra doesn’t mind where we are as long as she’s in the fresh air and has room to run around and explore. A couple of hours out on a little walk is much better than nothing.

So there are just a couple of ways that we’ve managed to still enjoy getting out and exploring despite feeling a little unwell or tired. I’m so excited for warmer days and more time as a family so that we can really have some weekend adventures but at least my memories of last week don’t all include us curled up on the sofa.

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  1. 28th February 2016 / 10:14 pm

    Oh the first few trips out when you've been house bound with bugs are just magic aren't they – even if they're just little mini adventures. May the sun keep shining for lots more expeditions and no more bugs!

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