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There’s been a lot of sickness flying around our house recently and so we haven’t been out and about as much as we would like to. When we have managed to get out Lyra has tired quickly so trips have been short and lacking in their usual magic. Yesterday though. Yesterday Lyra was on top form, I felt better and we just enjoyed being outside.

We just walked on our usual route to the park but Lyra was suddenly interested in everything again and babbled away to me about this and that. She’s finally starting to talk a little more now and it’s exciting to get a little glimpse into her mind. She walked along yesterday pointing out birds, trees, and of course her favourite thing, sticks. My little one has a real love affair with sticks at the moment, and when we’re out adventuring she nearly always has one in her hand. She likes to dig in the dirt with them, tap them against other objects to make noise, and just run around with one in her hands. It’s one of those stereotypical small child obsessions and it makes my heart happy to see. Lyra ended up with a giant stick yesterday which she carried and played with the entire time we were out bar when we made it to the park because then Mama had to hold it whilst she played.

We didn’t travel a great distance and it may have taken us a very long time to get there but the journey was oh so fun. I had my proper camera with me as well (thank you 366 project) so I could document our adventure. I really love some of these photos so wanted to document them on here as well.

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  1. 1st March 2016 / 8:31 pm

    Wow these photos are beautiful, I love the golden light in them and she is just gorgeous too of course. Hopefully you are all over the sickness now. x

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