Baby Number Two | Choosing a Name

Baby naming is hard! I just have to put that out there. I’m currently 26 weeks into this pregnancy and baby is still just that, baby. I feel that by this point last time we had already decided on Lyra’s name although I don’t think that we chose a boy’s name until very near the end. And luckily we had a girl anyway because we no longer really like the name we had chosen for a boy.

Obviously some of the struggle comes from not knowing the sex of this little one. I shared our reasons for choosing not to find out a while ago and whilst I’m still happy with our decision there is no denying that this process wouldn’t be a whole lot easier if we could eliminate boys or girls. I feel like I have to love the boys and girls names that we choose equally otherwise I might be giving our child a second rate name. I know that sounds crazy but I think that this process has driven me a little mad.

The second reason from my struggle is that I love Lyra’s name so much. You’d think that would give me some confidence in mine and Matt’s naming capabilities but you’d be wrong. i can’t even remember when or how we decided on Lyra Josephine for our unborn child but I’ve kind of re-imagined that I just knew that that was the name as soon as we saw it. I know that it’s not to everyone’s taste but to me it has the right balance of feminine and feisty, unusual but not too out there. It has the added benefit of the middle name having personal significance (Matt’s middle name is Joseph and he wanted to pass it down) which is something we’d like to continue for baby number two. 

Perhaps the biggest reason for my baby naming struggles is that I’m pregnant! I can barely decide what to have for dinner at the moment let alone decide on something that will stay with my child their entire life. It’s such a big responsibility and with the level of hormones surging through me it’s feeling like an impossible task.

So in summary, I’m pretty crazy whilst pregnant and our child may never have a name. Please tell me that I’m not the only one to struggle so much with this. We have have roughly three months left of this pregnancy. Surely I’ll find a name I like before then. Right?!

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