Baby Number Two | 24 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I reached 24 weeks of pregnancy and I am simultaneously shocked that I’m already that far along and wondering how I’ve still got at least 16 weeks to go. I can remember back so clearly to this stage of pregnancy with Lyra, it was actually my favourite. I’m starting to feel like myself again but it’s also pretty obvious that I’m pregnant. This time around it’s actually much more obvious as I’m sure my belly wasn’t this big until nearer 30 weeks with Lyra.

This little one is so much more active than Lyra was as well. Of course Lyra had times of day when she had a little wiggle but most of the time she was quite chilled out and I could almost forget that I was pregnant. There is no chance of that this time around! This little baby gives such big kicks that even when I’m busy doing something I have to stop and take notice. It almost feels like baby is wriggling all day everyday and to be honest I’m loving all of those movements. Although I’m hoping that this isn’t an indication of how baby will be when they’re born because Lyra was such a laid back baby right from the beginning and I’d quite like another of those if possible please!

One way that this little one is taking after their big sister is in their love of hanging out low in my abdomen. Like super low. Lyra spent most of the nine months with her head down in my pelvis, causing every midwife to remark at how low she was and how quickly/easily she should come out (which was a total lie by the way, 11 days late and a super long labour). I can’t lean forward for too long as it feels like I’m bending baby and I’m sure their favourite toy is my bladder. Eurgh.

Heartburn has also reared its ugly head in the past week. Having never suffered with it pre pregnancy it was such a shocking symptom last time and in the couple of years since having Lyra I’d almost forgotten how annoying it is. I’m really not looking forward to another four months of it. That’s the only real symptoms I’ve got at the moment though so I can’t complain too much. I’m trying to enjoy this time before the uncomfortable, feeling massive and tired stage starts. My favourite time of day is when Lyra snuggles up next to me to watch TV, listen to a story or nap, and the baby kicks away. I absolutely love to feel both of my children close to me.

The countdown is now on to my maternity leave. I currently have about five weeks left. When I was pregnant with Lyra I worked right up until about three weeks before my due date but this time I’ve decided to leave as soon as possible. Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know our working situation but basically it leaves us with no days off together as a family. I want to spend the last couple of months of this pregnancy enjoying adventures with my family and preparing for us becoming a four. Lyra deserves some quality time with both her Mama and Daddy before her world is turned upside down with the arrival of her baby sibling.

Wow, this turned into quite a long update. I want to make sure I document this pregnancy as much as possible and, although I won’t manage weekly updates or anything, I would like to do this more often.

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