My 366 Project | Week #4

22.366 || Today was a bit of a rushed photo as it was dark and rained heavily most of the day. We managed to get out for a quick walk (well run in Lyra’s case) and I snapped this photo.

23.366 || Another quick photo today as it’s a work day and I don’t get to see much of my family on a Saturday. We did manage to pop into town all together this morning though and buy Lyra her very first pair of trainers! She looks ridiculously cute in them and I just can’t believe how big they look, she’s growing so fast.

24.366 || Before I headed off for another day at work today Matt made the three of us scrambled eggs and bacon. That man is a keeper. Lyra agrees.

25.366 || Two little bookworms together. Love watching Matt read to Lyra.

26.366 || Matt calls us most lunch times to see how our day is going and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the highlights of Lyra’s day. Even if she does go shy and never really talks to him, she just smiles and nods!

27.366 || Most of our pictures at the moment are taken in the bedroom as that seems to be the only room that gets any light. It rained all day again today, eurgh, and Lyra’s mood matched the weather for most of it. And that was day 27 of the year.

28.366 || Taking a break from the Lyra spam for today’s photo. The weather was really nice so we had to get out and enjoy it. It almost felt Spring like but I don’t want to get too excited as they’ve forecast rain again for tomorrow…

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  1. 31st January 2016 / 6:26 am

    Beautiful photos, I really love the bridge photo – she looks so small in a big world around her.

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