My 366 Project | Week #3

This week seems to be full of lots of photos of Lyra’s back. I think that’s actually a fair representation of life right now, Lyra is off exploring and I’m just trying to keep up with her! I’m enjoying taking a step back and just watching her, she’s fascinating right now.

15.366 || After Matt had come from work and Lyra had gone to bed Matt and I had a little at home date. Party food and board games, we know how to party on a Friday night! It was nice to have an evening without screens and distractions.

16.366 || Saturday is a work day which is always tough. Luckily this little one and her Daddy gave me a lift in so I managed to squeeze in a little more time with them.

17.366 || I thought that we’d have a fight on our hands this week trying to get Lyra to wear her mittens but she loves them. So much so that she insisted on wearing them this morning despite still being in her pyjamas!

18.366 || So desperate to grow up, to be a bit bigger. Slow down little one please!

19.366 || Today was a day to wrap up warm and head despite the bitter cold weather.

20.366 || Lyra and I had a blast today having lunch with Vicki. Lyra loved hers, I mean look at that concentration! 

21.366 || Thursdays are probably my favourite day with Lyra. We head to Creation Station in the morning and Lyra does some painting and then we always stop at the Botanical Gardens for a walk. Even if we have to keep our walks pretty short at the moment due to the cold.

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  1. 23rd January 2016 / 3:37 pm

    Aww! Lovely photos! That one with the mittens is just adorable!

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