My 366 Project | Week #2

I’ve completed my second week! I am definitely patting myself on the back right now and I’m hoping that I can continue on like this. I’ve noticed that I haven’t really taken any photos on my phone this past week and, although part of that is down to the fact that I dropped it down the toilet, it’s also because my DLSR is never too far away at the moment. I’m happy with that though as obviously the photos I take on my camera tend to be nicer than the ones on my phone. So, here’s my second week…

8.366 || Lyra’s first hot chocolate! Lyra stopped nursing of her
own accord over Christmas and has shown no interest ever since. Cue me
patting myself on the back for weaning going so well. And then of course
out of the blue yesterday Lyra asked for ‘boob’ and when I denied her
she got very tearful and I felt terrible for telling her no. Luckily
once I suggested an exciting new ‘big girl’ drink of hot chocolate she
was distracted and happy once again. And when I discovered there was
enough hot chocolate for both of us I was pretty happy too!

 9.366 || Lyra colouring in with her doll this morning. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

10.366 || Today was a long day, I worked most of it and then Matt met me straight afterwards for
our first baby free date since November. I wore a dress and everything!
Which I totally forgot to photograph so instead have this shot of my
bump and my kitchen floor from when we got home that evening. Sorry!

 11.366 || Lyra, lover of all animals but especially dogs. She’s so sweet and gentle with them.

One of Lyra’s favourite things to do is point and shout at cars out
the window. Today she brought her beloved soft toy cat in on the action.

13.366 || Lyra spent the first half of the day crying and fighting her nap and the second half of it passed out asleep on the sofa. Ah, the joy of toddlers.

14.366 || We ventured outside for a bit of exploring in the sunshine. We didn’t last too long as it was absolutely freezing but it was still nice to be out and about for a bit.

And that’s it. Week two finished. And with some photos that I really like. Onwards and upwards to week three!

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  1. 16th January 2016 / 1:01 pm

    Beautiful photos! I love the last one! Gorgeous x

  2. 22nd January 2016 / 8:40 am

    Daughter let the twins self wean too and they stopped asking at just turned 2, handy considering next one is due soon.
    I have a kids on windowsill watching car pics as well
    Oops at the phone down the loo, I tend to forget that there is a camera on my phone.
    That doll looks like something out of the Chucky films

    • 26th January 2016 / 8:58 pm

      I was hoping to carry on nursing until she turned two but since my second is due the month after Lyra's second birthday I'm glad she had other ideas. I know that doll is so creepy, it was mine as a child and apparently I used to take it swimming a lot so it's hair is matted and it's eyes rusted! Lyra loves it though, haha x

  3. 22nd January 2016 / 11:41 pm

    Lovely photos, glad there was enough hot chocolate for you too. She is being so gentle with the dog, and I love the one of her and toy cat at the window.

    • 26th January 2016 / 8:59 pm

      Thank you. I'm surprised she is so gentle with the dogs considering she only sees them every few weeks but I'm pretty sure she just thinks she's one of them.

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