My 366 Project | Week #1

At the beginning of the year I decided that 2016 was the time to try and tackle a 365. I managed one the first year that Matt and I were married (although I stopped posting on-line in November for some reason) which
was, coincidentally, also a leap year and although I found it tough I
also really enjoyed it. 2016 is going to be a big year for us. We are
having our second child in May/June and I feel like Lyra is going to
change so much this year too. We have two family weddings, an overseas
holiday and even a Christmas getaway planned already and once my
maternity leave starts in a couple of months we’ll get weekends back as
family time. And all of that is before you throw in all those crazy
unknown elements that are bound to happen. So, it felt like a good year
to try and document more fully. And I really want to improve my
photography and I know that pushing myself to take photos everyday will
help with that. At least I hope it will. I have been, and will continue
to, posting the photos daily on my Instagram but I thought it would be nice to share them in a weekly round up on here as well. So, after all
of that rambling, lets get started with week one…

1.366 || So this photo is really not a promising start but I had it in my
mind that it would be nice to bookend this project with family
portraits. I thought it would be nice to really see how much we change
during the year but I didn’t factor in two of us having a stomach bug, a
long journey home which meant taking the photo after it had got dark,
and just general tiredness from us all! Oh well, onward and upwards.

 2.366 || We’ve started buying a few little bits for baby number two. We won’t be
finding out the sex until baby arrives so almost everything we have
bought is white and grey but I couldn’t resist a couple of bright
sleepsuits too.

 3.366 || This little one is becoming more and more independent and gets
very annoyed if I try and help her with things. I’m in turn having to
learn to take a step back more which can be difficult. It is making it
easier to take photos of her though.

 4.366 || I love this photo of my peeping daughter. Already I’m grateful
for this challenge as I wouldn’t have had my camera next to me in this
moment if I wasn’t trying to take a photo a day. This is her new
favourite place to sit since we placed her toy box in front of the
window effectively making a step for her.

 5.366 || Today there was actually a break in the rain so we wrapped up warm and
headed out for a walk. I haven’t taken the pushchair out with us in
weeks since Lyra can walk for miles although I always pack the Ergo just
in case her little legs get tired. Thankfully today she didn’t need it
because carrying her up hills whilst pregnant isn’t the easiest!

6.366 || 20 weeks pregnant today! I still can’t believe I’m pregnant with my
second child and not only that but already halfway through. Sometimes it
really does feel like time is flying by. Tomorrow is our scan and I’m
so excited to see our little one on the screen again.

7.366 || Babies and bumblebees. Lyra’s painting from today next to the photo from
our second child’s 20 week scan. The scan went well today and I’m so
excited to meet this little one in May. My heart is so full this

First week complete! I’m feeling proud of myself right now which is silly because I still have 51 weeks left to go. But, one step at a time right?

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