Me and Mine in December

This December was a bit of a tough one for our little family. I don’t want to complain because over all we have so much to look forward to but we’ve definitely been feeling that end of year fatigue. I touched on some of my feelings this month in my last post but what it comes down to is lack of family time.

Anyway, enough moaning because we had a great Christmas and three whole days together which was amazing. Unfortunately the light and the weather over Christmas wasn’t great so photo taking was a little difficult and I only managed to get a couple of photos this month.

So, there we have it. Two grainy images to sum up the end of the year. I am so, so excited for the coming year. I know that 2016 is going to be such a good year for my little family. And in May it will hopefully become a slightly bigger family. What more could I wish for?

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 dear beautiful
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