Finding out the Sex? | 20 Weeks Pregnant

There are obviously pros and cons to finding out the sex of your baby whilst pregnant and when we were first pregnant with Lyra it was something Matt and I talked about a lot. We really struggled with baby names and thought that eliminating one sex might make it easier to find a name we both liked and to be honest I felt a little mean referring to our unborn child as an ‘it’ all of the time. This probably sounds like we decided to find out the sex but actually after we’d talked it over we both agreed that that just wasn’t enough of a reason for us. We agreed that we’d never regret keeping it a surprise but we might wish that we hadn’t found out.

As with most things, once we’d agreed and come to a decision I felt happy and at peace. I was excited about not finding out, we bought lots of grey and white for the baby (my favourite colours for newborns anyway) and even eventually managed to come up with a boy’s and girl’s name that we loved. And that moment when I’d just pushed my child out after hours (days!) of labour and Matt told me that we had a daughter. Well that was just magical. My favourite moment of the whole experience and one of the best of my life. I knew then that if we were ever lucky enough to have more children then we’d wait until the birth to find out the sex.

And here we are. Two years later and I’m 20 weeks pregnant with baby number two. Our 20 week scan is this morning and I am walking in there with absolutely no desire to find out the sex. I enjoy daydreaming about whether Lyra will have a little brother or a sister and I’m happy to continue doing that for the next 5 months. Choosing whether or not to find out the sex is such a personal decision but I know that for me and my little family we’ll be happily waiting for the birth to find out who is joining our clan.

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    • 8th January 2016 / 1:52 pm

      It is so nice having a surprise isn't it? I didn't even think of asking in the scan yesterday! Roll on May though x

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