Everyday Adventuring | A late January Walk through the Park

I don’t know about where you are but the weather here has been pretty dismal lately. The few times that it has stopped raining it’s been bitterly cold and we certainly haven’t wanted to hang around outside for too long. Lyra and I usually spend at least a part of everyday outside so we’ve really struggled these past few weeks. We’ve managed quick walks to the corner shop or around the block (one day we even made it to the park briefly) but we’ve definitely been craving some fresh air adventures.

Every Thursday morning we head to Creation Station (a crafty, messy, toddler group) which happens to be very close to a lovely big park. Even during this recent bad weather we’ve managed a very quick walk around the park because I am certain Lyra would kick off big time if we didn’t. Today though the sky was blue and although it was cold it didn’t feel like our fingers would immediately fall off so a much more leisurely stroll was called for. Lyra practically jumped out of her pushchair in excitement  and was off as soon as we’d made it through the gate!

If I ignored the cold for a moment it almost felt like the beginning of Spring, there was green everywhere and flowers starting to pop up. I couldn’t help but get a little excited. I know that realistically I’ve got a while to wait until Spring actually arrives, and the weather forecast is for more rain tomorrow, but for an hour today as Lyra and I walked through the park I couldn’t help but dream. I cannot wait for those Spring days, to get back to our daily outdoor adventures and then to Summer, when we’ll have an extra little adventurer in our family. Even a few more days like today would be good enough for now!

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