A Portrait of my Child | 2/52


I almost didn’t manage to get a photo this week. That’s pretty bad isn’t it? I mean, we’re only on the second week but I can already tell that it’s going to be a challenge on top of my 366 project. Luckily I managed to plop Lyra on the bed in front of a good window of light and just let her play whilst I snapped away. I’m so glad I did because I really love some of these photos, they’re just so… Lyra. The facial expressions, the day dreaming and the concentration, all rolled into one they make my wonderful daughter.
In the end there were so many photos that I ended up loving today so I just have to share some more with you all.

Linking up with Practising Simplicity and her 52 Project as well Shutterflies Living Arrows. You can see my other weeks here.

Living Arrowspractising simplicity Living Arrows / The 52 Project 18/52

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