Weekend Adventuring: Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park is one of my family’s favourite places to spend time together and so when we had a rare day off together it was the first place we thought of. The weather was a little temperamental as it often is at this time of year but we wrapped up warm and headed out anyway.

I think this was the first time that we’ve been since Lyra has started walking properly so it was so much fun watching her run around and explore in her own way. The whole walk took about fifty times longer though since she only has little legs and is easily distracted. This meant that we were no where near anywhere to sit down and eat as lunch time came and went. Cue Daddy carrying a screaming toddler to a picnic spot so that we could refuel. Going places with a toddler is so different than when she was a baby, luckily all was forgiven as soon as we had food in our bellies.

Of course we had to take a family photo by our favourite tree as it is something of a tradition for us. Then we just kept walking. I’m so surprised by how far Lyra walked, we were there hours and she really wasn’t carried much at all. We managed to walk to the other side of Dyrham Park and visit the tree that we planted for Lyra at the beginning of the year to see how it’s growing. It’s doing well, yey!

We had so much fun and we definitely all slept well that night. I cannot wait until I’m back on maternity leave and we have more time as a family (of four!) to visit places like this.

Now, I should say that our trip to Dyrham Park was actually over a month ago but it was during my first trimester when I was seriously lacking in motivation and creativity so these photos have sat on my computer ever since. I love them though and we had such a great day that I still wanted to share them on here.

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