The Excitement of Lyra’s Second Christmas

I can’t believe that it’s already December third and I am yet to write a post about Christmas. I know that it’s still early but I’m pretty sure I was talking about Christmas in November last year! Last year was Lyra’s first Christmas and everything was so new and exciting. It’s easy to fear that this year won’t live up to the joy of all of those firsts. But actually, I really feel that this year is going to be even better.

This year Lyra is older. I wouldn’t say that she understands what’s going on but she definitely picks up on our excitement more. She is also much more aware of her surroundings and if things are different to usual so, for example, she has shown so much more interest in the Christmas tree already this year. Lyra is also really into books and things now so I feel that giving her things like her Christmas Eve Box will be much more rewarding this year.

Food. This might sound like a strange one but last Christmas Lyra hadn’t been eating solids for too long so she had some of the Christmas Dinner vegetables but not much else. I’m really looking forward to her tucking into a full dinner this year and also spoiling her with a few sweet treats. I can’t wait for us to be all sat around the table together eating Christmas dinner.

The pressure has eased. Last year there felt like a lot of pressure to make it an amazing day because it was Lyra’s first Christmas. I wanted everything to be perfect but I quickly learnt throughout the day that children are unpredictable and it’s never going to work out exactly as you imagined in your head. This year I feel like I have no such expectations. I just want us all to be happy, together and maybe manage to get a couple of nice photos.

This year will certainly have it’s own challenges as I’m now working so we won’t get much time as a family and we have no days off together for the whole of December in the run up. It’s much more difficult to get prepared and feel festive when we don’t have any family days but we still have Christmas to look forward to. And it will be our last as a three. Next Christmas will be bump’s first Christmas and with that a whole new set of challenges.

I’ve also been talking about Lyra’s first Christmas over on the Toys R Us blog and sharing some festive tips along with some other Mums. Head on over and have a read

All pictures in this post are Lyra last Christmas. Look how little she was! 


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