Lyra’s Christmas Eve Box

One of my favourite things about Christmas are all of the traditions. Some of them are ones continuing from when I was a child and some are created by Matt and I in the past few years just for us. Lyra’s Christmas Eve box is a mixture of the two. When I was little my brother and I would always get a new book on Christmas Eve and I knew that I wanted to do the same for my children when I had them. And then when I started looking for Christmas books last year I ended up picking up a couple of extra things too and that’s where her box started. It’s only the second year of doing it so I’m not sure that I can class it as a tradition yet but I am already excited for a little Christmas Eve box for two little ones next year!

In Lyra’s this year we have included her stocking and the plate to put Father Christmas’ snacks on that my Mum bought her last year. Lyra’s stocking is actually mine from when I was a child and I love the feeling of nostalgia and joy I get watching her pull presents out of it on Christmas morning. Obviously these two items will go in there every year and we’ve also put a bit of chocolate in because, well, it’s Christmas so why not. We’ve also included:

  • A Book. We went with Stick Man this year since Lyra really loves The Gruffalo. After we had bought it we learnt the BBC are showing it this year on Christmas Day which I think works out perfectly because we will read it to her as her bedtime story on Christmas Eve.
  • A DVD. Lyra can’t manage to sit through a full film yet so we chose to buy her Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. I’m hoping that this will hold her attention and yet still feel christmassy. 
  • A Sticker Book. Lyra is really into stickers at the moment, she pretty much thinks they’re the best thing ever. So when I saw this Santa sticker book for a few pounds on Amazon I had to pick it up to put in her box.
  • Pyjamas. I really struggled to find some pyjamas that I liked for Lyra this year but I decided on these ones from Next. They’re not the most festive but I love the checked bottoms and they are definitely wintery. 
  • A Bath Bomb. In the hopes of getting Lyra excited to go up to her bath on Christmas Eve I’ve popped one of Lush’s Butterbears in her box. She actually had one these last year as well because they’re so mild but definitely add a little excitement to bath time

So there we have it. Lyra’s second Christmas Eve box. I can’t wait to see her get stuck in, just four days to wait!

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