Letters to Lyra: December 2015

Dear little Lyra,

It’s almost Christmas! As I type this you’re upstairs having your bath and being put to bed by your Daddy. He’s just finished work for Christmas and excitement is pretty high in this house right now so I hope that you manage to fall asleep. I need to apologise to you little one, I am racked with guilt over how our December has gone this year. I hope that you don’t remember it and I pray that if you ever read through this blog when you’re older that you won’t, not for one second, think that this is any indication of how much we love you right now. Because we love you so, so much.

You’ve had to go through a lot these past couple of months and I’m afraid that your life is going to be turned upside down next year with the arrival of your baby brother or sister. But I promise you that it is going to be so much fun as well. Although this littlest one is already being much more troublesome than you were whilst you were growing inside me. They’ve been taking all of my energy and I know that hasn’t left much for you. Cue more guilt. I’m guessing that’s something I’m going to have to get used to as a Mama of two. You’ve been so patient with me when I’m too tired for us to stay too long at the park, I got so lucky with you.

So this December we haven’t done as many festive activities as I would have liked. We didn’t do much baking, or decorating, we didn’t visit Father Christmas, or step foot inside a garden centre. But I promise you we are going to cram as much festive, family fun into the next couple of days. And in my opinion you are getting the best gift in the world next year. A sibling. A permanent playmate for you. So although the past couple of months may not have been our finest as a family, 2016 is set to be our best year yet.

I love you Lyra Josephine,
Very Much So xxx

Photos are some of the new additions to our Christmas tree this year.

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