Weekend Adventuring: Cornwall

Oh my, a lot of time has passed since we went to Cornwall, so much in fact that I wasn’t sure whether to even post this. But then I remembered that this blog is first and foremost a place to collect our memories and record them so that I can look back on it in years to come and Lyra can see what we got up to in her first years of life. I really love some of these pictures and we had such a lovely time in Cornwall that I have to post the photos regardless of how many weeks (or months) have passed.

On the Saturday we headed to the Eden Project and that’s where the majority of the pictures were taken. We went last October when Lyra was only six months old. We carried her round in the Ergo the whole time and I remember thinking how fun it would be when she could run around and discover everything for herself. Well, this year she could and she took full advantage! Everything had to be examined and touched, and so even though we were there for hours, we only saw a fraction of the place.

When Lyra got tired from running round Matt popped her on his back and I was reminded of just how little she still is. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing the two of them together and I can’t wait until the day that we have more family time again.

On the Sunday drove into Newquay to visit the aquarium there as Lyra loves looking at fish. It may have turned into the quickest aquarium visit ever though as Lyra insisted on running from one tank to the next. I didn’t even get many photos in there as she just wouldn’t stay still. After our sprint around the aquarium we headed to Bush Pepper, a lovely little Australian restaurant for lunch. The food was so, so good and Lyra loved it too. A quick stop off at the beach on the drive back and that was the end of our second day in Cornwall.

Monday meant that we had to drive home again so, to break the journey up and squeeze in more time with Matt’s Dad, we stopped off at Morwellham Quay for the morning. In keeping with the theme of the weekend Lyra loved running round and exploring and it was just nice to be outside in the fresh air for a bit before the journey home. We had a lovely little lunch there and Lyra enjoyed exploring the boat that they had and also panning for gold with Matt.

The weekend flew by so quickly but I feel like we managed to squeeze every last bit of fun out of it that we could. It also seems strange to be looking at such lovely sunny photos when it’s grey and miserable but now that I’m back blogging, I’ll try and catch up as quickly as possible so that I can start updating you on our current adventures. Oh, and I know that this post has been very photo heavy but I just have to share one more because it makes me laugh!

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