The Silver Lining…

I’ve spoken a lot on this blog about our current working situation.
Matt works Monday to Friday office hours and I work Saturday to Monday
so we don’t have any days off as a family. It’s been this way since I
went back to work in January and it has just got more difficult as time
has gone on. As tough as I’m currently finding it I keep trying to focus
on the positives to stop me getting too down about it. Aside from
feeling lucky that I get to spend four days of my week with Lyra our
work set up has another big benefit. Matt and Lyra’s relationship.

I’m at work during the weekend Matt is home looking after Lyra and I
honestly believe it has been the best thing ever for our little family.
It’s given him confidence in this parenting thing, a chance to find his
own way of doing things without me hovering and watching over his
shoulder. It’s shown Lyra that her Daddy is someone that can do
everything that Mama can do (well apart from breastfeeding, he hasn’t
managed that yet!), he can pick her up when she falls, knows her
favourite toys and what time she likes her snacks, he’s there to comfort
her when she cries and take random walks with her that go nowhere but
somehow let her see everything.. I’m not saying that these things
wouldn’t have happened without him spending the best part of two days a
week on his own with her but it’s definitely sped up the process. I know
that if I was home at the same time as Matt I would have wanted to
spend time as a family and therefore they would have missed out on this
vital one on one time. 

Matt is at work during the week he always calls up on his lunch break
and I’ll always put the phone on speaker so that Lyra can hear him too.
I’m pretty sure it’s her favourite time of day and she’ll often run off
with the phone so that they can ‘chat’ without me. These photos are
taken one such occasion and I love her face in them, you can really see
the joy she gets from speaking to her Daddy. I know that our current
situation won’t last forever and over time I’ll forget the pain at
leaving them each weekend, when we should have been off on little family
adventures instead, but I will always be grateful that Lyra and Matt
got a chance to build such a strong bond. Long may it continue.

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