Pregnancy Catch Up.

In case you didn’t see the news on the blog yesterday…

We are beyond excited to be adding a new member to our family but I have definitely with this pregnancy much more than with Lyra. During my first trimester with Lyra I had little to no symptoms to the point where I was genuinely shocked when there was actually a baby in there at the 12 week scan. I had no such concerns this time, pretty much from the get go I’ve felt very pregnant. I’ve been exhausted, nauseous (although luckily not actually sick), and just generally felt pretty meh. I’ve had no desire to blog or share my life in any way over the past few weeks, partly because I hate keeping secrets and partly because my life has just consisted of trying to nap as much as possible which is pretty difficult when running around after a toddler.

The picture above was taken the morning that we finally confirmed this pregnancy in September. I say finally because I actually took my first test about five days before because I’d had a dream that I’d had a positive pregnancy test but the line was so, so faint that I really wasn’t sure that it was there at all. Matt and I agreed that we’d wait a few days and then take a proper test (I was using internet cheapies) and this was the result!

We had our 12 week scan just over a week ago and I have to admit I was actually more nervous going in to this one then I was with Lyra. I don’t know if it was because we’d been trying for so long or that it will be such a lovely age gap between our children (in our opinion) or just that we now know how wonderful it all is. I guess the first time I could only imagine how our life would be, how the rest of pregnancy would feel and what labour would be like. This time I know just how amazing it all is and I am so, so eager to do it all over again. And now we’re going to!

Even though I haven’t been able to blog about the pregnancy up until this point Matt and I have filmed a couple of little videos over the past few weeks. And now I can share them with you! Please excuse my waffling brain spill in most of them but they were filmed at the time and I’m usually in shock, super excited or extremely nervous.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to document this pregnancy yet, I don’t think that I’ll do weekly updates but I will definitely document it someway. I wasn’t really blogging when I was pregnant with Lyra so I’m really looking forward to doing it this time.


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