A Confession…

I have a confession to make. To me it feels like a big one, a ‘please don’t judge me for telling you this’ kind of confession. Here goes. We don’t read Lyra a bedtime story every night. There. It’s out in the open now and to some it may not seem like a big deal but I feel so much shame about it. So much so in fact that I have been known to lie about when I’m around other parents! But please let me explain…

Matt and I are both massive readers. It’s one of our shared interests and something that we bonded over in the early days of our relationship. Before Lyra came along I would get through a book a week no problem. So when we discovered that we were expecting a baby, after the initial excitement had died down and we started the inevitable daydreaming about our future life, out thoughts turned to books. We talked about all of the books we had loved as children, how we could pass on our love of reading to them, and the joy of telling bedtime stories. Matt used to read to me and the bump throughout pregnancy and we grew excited at the thought of the little person growing inside of me who would surely love books as much as we do.

And to be fair, our daughter does really enjoy books but just not at bedtime. Bedtime to her means sleep (which I really cannot complain about)! We fell into a bedtime routine where Matt would bathe Lyra and get her ready for bed and then I would come up and nurse her before tucking her up in her cot. Now, if I’m not sat down with her and nursing within about two minutes of walking into the room then all hell breaks loose! If Lyra is in an agreeable mood Matt might be able to fit in a book before I come up but most days she knows whats coming and just shouts for me.

And now it’s time for my second confession. I don’t really mind that this has become our bedtime routine. Lyra is a really good sleeper and I enjoy our sleepy cuddles whilst she nurses so we are not pushing too hard to change it. Also Lyra nearly always has a story first thing in the morning once we’ve brought her into our bed before we all get up. I can’t count the number of times she either sits and looks through a book on her own or brings me one to read in a day.

So, although one of the pre baby daydreams never happened (like many others) and I feel guilty that Lyra doesn’t have a bedtime story every night I’m happy with our back to front arrangement. We appear to be raising a little bookworm regardless and we still get quiet time cuddled up reading to her, it’s just at the opposite end of the day than I expected it to be!

This post was written a couple of weeks ago and our bedtime routine has changed slightly since then. It actually includes more books now, isn’t it funny how that happens.. Obviously I just needed to share my secret confession to fix it. Haha.

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