My Little Girl

My little girl is happiest when she’s outdoors. She loves nothing more than to be running around in the fresh air only stopping to examine the newest great discovery. She seems to have no preference; beach, woods, fields, even the path behind our house. She just needs to be outside.

My little girl doesn’t care what she’s wearing. Dresses, leggings, jeans, just as long as they don’t slow her down she’s happy. We don’t do keeping certain clothes for ‘best’, they are meant to be worn just like life is meant to be lived. So that’s how we ended up in a smart dress and shiny shoes on the beach, in the puddles. They’re only clothes, they will clean. The memories more than make up for it.

My little girl still gets mistaken for a boy on a regular basis. Not in an outfit like this of course but whenever she is in jeans and t shirt. She doesn’t seem to mind and I couldn’t care less apart from the inevitable embarrassment of the stranger when I correct them. Well it’s usually embarrassment but I’ve had a couple of ‘well how am I supposed to tell’ and ‘she’s wearing blue though’ comments! I assume the confusion is due to her lack of hair and I know that will change in time. I could try and put headbands or bows in the little hair that she does have but she doesn’t like them and I won’t do it purely to make it easier for strangers to recognise that she’s a girl. So we don’t bother.

My little girl is as much my little girl when she’s knee deep in mud with dirt all over her face as when she’s sat in our living room playing with her soft toys. She’s my little girl whether she’s in jeans and t shirt, head to toe in blue, and when she’s in a dress and frilly socks. My little girl is my first born, a piece of my heart walking around and to me she is perfect.

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