Weekly Parenting Ups and Downs #7

This week Lyra and I spent four days on Portland visiting family and friends which was so, so good. Obviously we missed Matt but it’s nice to spend a bit of time in my childhood home and get out of usual routine for a while. So, this week in highs and lows:


  1. Friends and family. This just had to be the biggest highlight of last week, I love seeing Lyra surrounded by people who love her. We also got a chance to see my Godchildren and watching them all play together brings me the greatest joy.
  2. Train journeys. The last few times we’ve been on a train Lyra has either screamed or thrown up so it’s safe to say that I was pretty nervous about heading down to Dorset with her. So nervous in fact that I went down a day early so that I could catch the same train as my Mum. I needn’t have worried though as Lyra was a perfect travel companion on both journeys and I definitely feel more comfortable about catching the train with her again. 
  3. Affection. Lyra has turned into such an affectionate little girl. She regularly stops what she’s doing to give me a hug and she’ll often rub my back as I balance her on my hip. She also loves giving and blowing kisses to people when they’re leaving or saying goodbye on the phone. So cute.


  1. Sharing a room. Visiting family has meant sharing a room with Lyra which has led to me not getting nearly enough sleep. If she didn’t wake up as I went to bed she’d wake in the night and somehow realise that I was in the room and scream until she could come into bed with me.
  2. Naps. Is it cheating to mention sleep twice here? Because naps also suffered this week as Lyra was way too interested on everything going on around her to sleep at all.  

And that’s it. Just two lows and both regarding Lyra’s sleep (or lack of it). We had such a good week and I just enjoyed spending time with loved ones. As usual we also recorded our week in a vlog. This one is a little shorter than usual as I spent a lot of time with people who don’t want to be included in the vlog and it also ends on the Friday as all three of us headed down to Cornwall to visit Matt’s Dad. We filmed enough to make a separate video so that will be up later this week.

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