Weekly Parenting Ups and Downs #5

I can’t believe another week has passed, this year is just going so so fast. This week saw the return of some much wanted sunshine and with that came trips to the park and walks outside. The days always feel that better when you head outside. So this week in highs and lows:


  1. The aforementioned sunshine. We spent much more time outdoors and so we were both much happier. Brilliant.
  2. Independent play. Lyra is just starting to really play with things on her own. This week I’ve caught her playing with her little lego car, making noises whilst pushing it along the floor, and with her soft toys. She’s been arranging the soft toys in different positions and chatting away to them. Not only is it ridiculously cute to watch but it’s also giving me a little bit of time to get things done.
  3. Sleep. Despite the fact Lyra is still teething she has been sleeping beautifully. I think the fact that we’ve been out and about most days has worn her out and so she’s been going to bed quickly and easily. *Touch wood*. Please, please, please let this continue.


  1. Teeth. They are still coming through. Eurgh, need I say more.
  2. Naps. This past week all naps that have occurred in the house have happened on me. Sometimes Lyra has needed a cuddle to get her off to sleep and so she’s then on my lap for the whole time but other times she has just walked over, flopped herself down over my legs or something and fallen asleep. I’ve been trapped under her a lot this week!

And that’s it. Just two lows again this week which to me is a sign of a very good week. I’m just really hoping that this canines come through properly soon, they’re really taking their time about it. Despite this though Lyra has just been a joy to be around and I’m so excited for another week starting with her. Hope you all had a good week too. We’ve also filmed another weekly vlog.

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