Weekly Parenting Highs and Lows #4

It has been a little while since I posted one of these round ups. Last week was a weird one. We started it in the middle of a great trip to Wales and ended it with a really fun day out with my Mum but sandwiched between the lovely adventures was some very tough, teething days filled with tears. So, here are my highs and lows from the week:


  1. Our Trip. That has to be our number one highlight of the past week, it was so great to spend some much needed time together as a family. It was clear that Lyra loved having both of us around as well as she was a little angel the whole weekend. 
  2. Car journeys. For at least the first eight months Lyra hated the car. She would scream for the entire journey, only stopping when we’d reached our destination and removed her from our car seat. A three hour journey to Wales would have been out of the question as even a quick drive to the shops would have been super stressful. We spent a lot of time in the car this past week and Lyra was a dream the whole time. She was either asleep or chatting away happily to herself and Eden
  3. Bedtime. Lyra has started nursing less and less in the evening and so Matt is doing most of her bedtime routine. I love coming upstairs to hear him reading her a bedtime story or to watch the jumping around the bed together. It’s definitely a highlight of my day. 


  1. Teething. We have definitely got teeth coming through and Lyra has been suffering with it. We had a couple of days that were pretty much write offs as nothing would keep her happy and distracted for long. They’re still coming through as well so I think this week could be similar.
  2. Shopping. We failed at taking Lyra shopping this week. We’ve got so used to her walking everywhere that we didn’t have a pushchair or carrier with us. Inevitably she got bored of us stopping to look at things and instead wanted to run off. There were tears and it’s an experience that I’m not keen to repeat!
  3. Being told no. Lyra hates the word no and will instantly burst into tears if she say it to her. It’s so tough to make her cry but I know that it’s a word that she needs to get used to, especially when she’s heading for plug sockets or hot objects. 

 So, a bit of a mixed week but definitely some amazing moments in there. How was your week? You can see more of our week in our weekly vlog.

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