Me and Mine in September

Once again this month just sped by. It’s like I can now feel Christmas getting closer and closer. I’m so glad that I decided to join in with Me and Mine this year as at least I have a collection of family photos to remind me where the year has gone and what we’ve been up to. This month saw us having no time at all together until this weekend so I had to quickly try and get some pictures during our trip to Cornwall.

The photos above were actually taken on our way home to Bath. We stopped off at Morwelham Quay in order to split up our journey a little and to take advantage of the sunshine. After we’d eaten lunch we found this little costume museum in the village and we couldn’t resist trying some of the clothes. I loved the skirts and I think it’s clear to see that Matt was enjoying himself but Lyra was not too impressed. Well, she wasn’t impressed with anything but the hats, my daughter loves a good hat! You can tell in the pictures above that she was eyeing up my hat and that we had to swap part way through. Lets hope she carries on with this hat love throughout winter as I can’t wait to see her in some cute bobble hats.

These photos were taken during a quick stop at a beach on our way back from lunch one day. It was actually really hard to pin Lyra down to get a picture as she just wanted to be off exploring. I’m noticing that this is becoming a recurrent theme now and I’m really hoping we can continue to get a family photo each month. Parents with young toddlers how do you keep your little one to stay still for a family picture? Is there a trick I’m missing or is it just her age?

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  1. 1st October 2015 / 8:59 pm

    Oh I love your dressing up pictures! I must put that one the list for the next time we're down home, and I love your beach pictures too – what a happy adventure!

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