Letters to Lyra: The Past Few Months

My little Lyra, 

In these past couple of months you’ve just come alive. You have become this crazy, funny, delightful toddler and are a complete joy to be around. That is not to say that we don’t still have our tough days, of course we do. We’re both still learning the dos and don’ts and how days with a toddler should go, after all our only experience has been with babies up to this point, and there is a steep learning curve! But if we ignore the odd tantrum you are just so much fun. 

You love to walk and now we hardly ever take the pushchair out with us. I thought we’d have a few more months with it but it’s just easier to throw the Ergo in the bag in case you get tired and then just head out and explore. And explore you do. You are still happiest when we’re out and about and although journeys take approximately a thousand times longer they are also a thousand times more interesting. As cheesy as it sounds you’ve opened up my eyes to the world around me and are constantly pointing out things that I would have just walked straight past. 

It might sound crazy considering that you always hurtle about at a million miles an hour but you’ve taught me to slow down. I no longer stress about getting places, instead focusing on enjoying the journey (I just have to leave us a lot of time to get somewhere). Our days have become more relaxed and we’re both enjoying the simple things. Everyday adventures have become the norm and that is just fine by me. 

I guess what I’m trying to say in this very long, convoluted way is that I love you and that I love spending time with you. You are the perfect companion at the moment and I am so grateful that you’re mine. I had to share these photos of you and me because they never fail to make me smile and sum up our relationship perfectly!
I love you Lyra Jo, 

Very much so xx

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