Family Adventuring: Folly Farm

Since our trip to Wales was a rainy one we had to think of some fun days out for our energetic toddler. After spending a couple of days trying to ignore the rain and spend time outdoors anyway we thought that it might be sensible to head somewhere that was undercover. So Monday we decided to go to Folly Farm and, although it has lots of indoor fun, it ended up being the driest day of our trip anyway.

We had such a great day! As soon as we arrived we headed off to see the animals as we were sure that that would be Lyra’s favourite part. On our way across the place though we had to walk past a big ferris wheel and we just couldn’t resist. So on we hopped and enjoyed views across the whole park. Lyra loved looking out of the windows and didn’t care at all that we were pretty high up, she can be a little thrill seeker sometimes, something that became more and more apparent throughout the day.

We made it to the animals shortly afterwards and of course Lyra loved them. She still has some difficulty seeing the smaller, more stationary, animals but anything that moved quickly really caught her eye and she would squeal and wave. I think the highlight for her was definitely the penguins. She loved them!

After we’d seen all of the animals we had a quick lunch and then thought we’d pop into the fairground area that they have. We ended up spending ages there and all of us went on at least one ride. Lyra and I started on the carousel which was the one that I was most excited about taking her on. As soon as we were sat up on the horse waiting for it to start Lyra started crying and trying to turn herself round to reach me. I was so disappointed! Just as I was trying to work how to get us both off it the carousel started turning and Lyra immediately stopped crying and turned back to face the front. She loved it! She clapped and cheered and waved at the spectators the whole time and then as the ride stopped, and I lifted her off the horse, she started to cry again. Isn’t that always the way?!

Once we’d been on a few rides and wandered round the barn with the farm animals we were all exhausted. Lyra turned into a whingy, overtired, grumpy toddler and we definitely had some tantrums in the gift shop but she had done so well the rest of the day that we had to forgive her. She quickly became our happy little girl again when I shared my ice cream cone with her on the way back to the car and she slept the whole way back. It was such a fun day out and I know that we’ll be back again.

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