Weekly Parenting Highs and Lows

This past week feels like it just went on and on for some reason. I had nothing planned which is always a bad idea for me and the weather wasn’t great so that didn’t help matters. I felt like I didn’t really find my groove until Friday which was a shame as I was back to work on the Saturday. I wanted to start sharing a little round up of my weeks with you all and so each Tuesday I will be posting a parenting highs and lows of the past week. I’m going to try and stick to just three of each and fingers crossed that I won’t be able to think of three lows every single week (I can dream right).

So, this week:


  1. Lyra’s walking. Lyra has always been such a determined child, right from the very beginning, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by the way she’s tackled learning to walk. But I was. She only starting taking steps independently about six weeks ago and this week we actually went out a couple of times without a pushchair! She will happily walk on her own, exploring as she goes, for half an hour at a time. 
  2. Bedtimes. Lyra’s bedtime nursing session has dwindled to less than five minutes some evenings this week and even though I’m a little sad at that I’m impressed by how easily she goes down on her own. All last week she managed at least 10 hours sleep. I can not explain how good it feels to sleep all night again.
  3. Her first pair of wellies. Although Lyra wore wellies when we visited Tyntesfield recently they were the wrong size so we headed to Clarks on Saturday, had her feet remeasured and bought her her first pair of wellies. The cuteness of seeing her toddle around in her bright yellow wellies is almost too much to handle!


  1. Lack of plans. I already mentioned this at the beginning but I really did struggle with having nothing specific to do planned last week. I found myself getting lazy and then getting unfairly annoyed at Lyra when she was clearly bored. I did pull myself together by the end of the week but it’s a shame that I wasted a few days there.
  2. Lyra’s destruction. Along with Lyra’s increased mobility and understanding came curiosity and that led to destruction. She managed to pull countless items off of tables and counters but the worst was when she tore off a massive chunk of wallpaper in the hallway. Guess I shouldn’t take my eyes off her for a second now.
  3. New shoes. When we went to get Lyra’s feet measured for her wellies we discovered that her feet had grown for a 3.5 to 4.5. Now, not only did I feel terrible that I hadn’t noticed that her shoes were that small for her, I’m also sad that her first shoes no longer fit. There’s something so sentimental about those first little red shoes and they’ve been retired to her memory box. I can’t believe that she is already outgrowing these things.

So there we have it, our past week. Both the positives and the negatives because we need both and we certainly had both. Another little way that my husband and I try to sum up the week is in our weekly vlogs. Here is last weeks, it even includes the moment I discovered the torn wallpaper in our hallway!

You can see previous weekly vlogs here and if you enjoy them and want to see more please head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe. Thanks!

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