Weekly Parenting Highs and Lows #2

Last week I decided to start sharing a few of my parenting highs and lows each week as a way to summarise the past seven days. This week felt a million times better than the week before and I put it down to having more things planned to base the days around. So this week:


  1. Our Creation Station baby group starting up for a few weeks of summer sessions. Lyra loves painting and being around other little ones.
  2. Getting right out of my comfort zone and heading to Bristol to meet up with some lovely people and their gorgeous little ones for a day at the museum and park after seeing the meet up on Instagram
  3. Lyra has started tucking herself into my bed in the morning and flicking through a book. It’s so ridiculously cute and the best way to start the day.


  1. Tantrums. Lyra really knows what she wants now but she still can’t really communicate it and that has led to a lot of frustration from both of us. I’ve definitely had a few moments where I’ve had to remind myself that she is only 16 months old.
  2. Lyra’s mealtimes. Lyra is such a good little eater but I feel like I’m getting stuck in a rut with her meals and often find myself repeating them throughout the week. So any tasty toddler meal suggestions would be very welcome. 

And that’s it. Just two little lows this week. That feels good to write and I hope that it continues. I have a really fun week planned this coming week which even includes a day with my husband! As usual we’ve also filmed a weekly vlog which I’ve posted below.

You can see previous weekly vlogs here and if you enjoy them and want to see more please head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe. Thanks!


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