Weekly Parenting Highs and Lows #3

The one bad thing about summarising my weeks like this is that I notice just how quickly the weeks are going! This past week was such a good one, packed full of adventures. Lyra and I met up with friends and headed to Lulworth Cove and we also managed a trip to Montacute House with Matt. Matt and Lyra also managed to fit in a trip to another National Trust place on the Sunday as well. So, if you haven’t read these posts before I try to sum up my week using a list of my parenting highs and lows of the past seven days. This week:


  1. Extended family. This week Lyra got to spend time with some of my
    family, some of Matt’s family and some friends that feel like family. It
    really made me appreciate how lucky Matt and I are to have so many
    people in our lives that love Lyra as much as we do. I will never tire
    of seeing Lyra playing and cuddling with others who adore her.
  2. Outside fun. Both Lyra and I function so much better when we’re outside. It’s a sure fire way to turn a day around and a tactic I seem to be using more and more recently. I feel like we spent most of the week outside and as a result Lyra was in a great mood
  3. Lyra’s first dolls. Whilst I was in Dorset my Mum gave Lyra both mine and her own childhood dolls. Lyra loves them! She is already showing much more interest in dolls then I ever did and she is so sweet with them, stroking their hair and holding their hands. So cute.


  1. Food. Our little fruit bat has suddenly gone off fruit. I don’t know what to do with myself and I certainly don’t know what to feed her as fruit was such a big part of her diet. I don’t know why she’s gone off it but she just chews it or sucks the juice out before kindly shoving the rest in my hand or back in the bowl. I just keep trying different fruit in the hopes that one will appeal with her again.
  2. Teeth. I think Lyra has started teething again and I am really not looking forward to the week ahead if that is the case. She’s started with a runny nose and nappy rash which are two big signs with her that teeth are coming. Lets just hope they come quickly as we have a weekend off together this week which I’m really excited about. 
  3. Running off. Lyra has reached the stage where she’s confident in her walking ability and now just wants to be off. This week she’s started sitting down whenever I grab her arm to lead her in a certain direction. Which wouldn’t be too bad except the way that she does it, it looks like I’ve pulled her over!

 So, definitely a good week! How was your week? As usual we filmed a little vlog for the week.

You can see previous weekly vlogs here and if you enjoy them and want to see more please head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe. Thanks!

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