Everyday Adventuring: Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

When Lyra and I headed down to Dorset last week we met up with friends and decided to do a little adventuring in the sunshine. After a short car journey we found ourselves at Lulworth Cove. Unfortunately so had a lot of other people. However, we managed to park pretty quickly and headed down to a very busy beach where Lyra was, as usual, transfixed by the sea. We took her down to the edge of the water, rolled her leggings up and walked her into the sea for a paddle. And then we very quickly had to strip off her leggings and t-shirt as Lyra threw herself further into the water and tried to sit down. That girl really loves being in the sea and it’s something I want to encourage, even if it means sand/stones everywhere, no towel and a difficult nappy change. At times like that I want her to hear yes more than no. To experience spontaneity and adventure no matter how small and everyday.

Once Lyra was dry and once again dressed we headed to a local pub for lunch and Lyra was pretty happy to have a tub of ice cream as the children’s menu dessert. After we’d eaten it was time to tackle the hill to get to Durdle Door. I have to say carrying Lyra on my back, up that hill, it that heat was pretty tough but so much easier than it would have been if I was pushing a pushchair. The view when we got to the top was incredible and ice cream for us adults at Durdle Door made it all worthwhile.

All too soon it was time to walk back to the car and then head back to my parent’s. Lyra and I were both filled with that exhausted, content, feeling that I only seem to find after a good walk along the coast and a day spent by the sea.

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