A Girl and her Stuffed Cat

This girl. Oh, how she loves that little stuffed black cat. She got
it way back in October, back when she had no interest in toys what so
ever but we’d place it in the cot or pushchair beside her. We named it
Eden, since she got it at the Eden Project, and we would make it talk
and give Lyra kisses. Somewhere along the way though she started
reaching out for that little black cat more and more.

now? Well now she drags it around with her during the day and kisses it
good night. It comes out on adventures with us and she carries it
around on our almost daily trips to the park. As a result the poor thing
is starting to look a little worse for wear but it’s nothing a bit of a
wash wouldn’t solve. I took these photos just last week and I love how
she is showing Eden the view out of the window. It’s amazing to see how
her attachment to her soft toys has grown as she’s developed over the
month. Although I could do without the panic I feel at the thought of
losing that little stuffed cat!

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