Weekend Adventuring: Tyntesfield

So, on Sunday we had a day off! When I looked at the calendar at the beginning of the month it was so depressing to see that we had no time together as a family that I had to book a day of holiday. And Sunday was it. Unfortunately the weather was less than pleasant but we refused to let that stop us and we planned a trip to Tyntesfield.

One unexpected positive with the bad weather was that Lyra wore wellies for the first time! Unfortunately they are hand me downs and a size too big for her little feet but we were desperate. We’re going to buy her some in the correct size next weekend and put these ones away until they fit her properly. I didn’t get to take many photos during the day either because I was worried about ruining our DSLR in the rain.

We really didn’t stay as long as we wanted because the weather just kept getting worse and worse and it was such a shame as Tyntesfield is a beautiful place. I guess we’ll just have to go back another day then. Oh well.

Since it’s so rare at the moment that we get a day off all together we decided to try and film a little ‘day in the life’ video to celebrate.

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