Trying our Hand at Vlogging…

You may have noticed over the past month that I’ve been posted a few videos here and there. It’s something that Matt and I have really enjoyed doing and I love seeing how much Lyra changes. She’s learning new things every day now and has the cheekiest little personality that I was worried wasn’t getting captured in photos so I’ve found myself taking more videos.

Since Matt really enjoys filming and editing as well, we’ve really liked having something creative to do together, our own little joint project. Taking all of this in consideration we thought it might be fun to film some weekly vlogs. We’re still learning how to do all of this and I am finding it difficult to talk into the camera but all in all I’m liking it. And my husband is liking it. So this may become a weekly thing.

But we’re still getting used to it so please go easy on us…

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