This Past Week…

Oh my. This past week was a bit of a doozy for my little family. It included, but was not limited to, a poorly toddler, being stranded due to rail strikes, and me being terrified of reenacting a certain scene from Bridesmaids! Eek. Despite being the sickest I’ve been in years I feel like I had a pretty good week. I know that sounds a little crazy but let me explain.

I got to spend a few days with my parents. In fact I actually got to spend an extra day there because I couldn’t get back to Bath as there were no trains. I got to help one of my closest friends try and find her wedding dress and spend some much wanted time with her. Lyra was spoilt with time and attention from people who love her. Matt came and picked us up early on Friday morning due to lack of trains and so we got to chat and hang out in the car on the way home whilst Lyra slept.

And finally we took a little walk in the sunshine together somewhere we hadn’t been before. For those that read my blog you’ll know that Matt and I don’t get much time off together. So I’ll take whatever I can get and be very grateful for it. So on Friday we let the fresh air blow away the last of the sickness and enjoyed being together. We may have only managed an hour before we were worn out and needed to retreat back inside but for that hour we had so much fun.

I wanted to write this little post and share these photos to remind myself that even when everything seems to be going wrong there is still goodness to be found. There is always adventure in everyday life.

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