My 30 Before 30.

On the 11th of June I turned 28. Now, one benefit of having a partner who is older than you is that you never suddenly feel like you’re ‘getting old’ with each passing birthday. But, this year, I couldn’t help but notice that I am creeping closer to 30. In my head for some reason 30 is the age that I should be a fully functioning adult with my sh*t together but I’m realistic and know that there is no chance of this happening in the next two years. In fact, I’m not sure anyone really has it completely sorted by 30. Well, I hope it’s not just me anyway.

So, I know I’m not going to have my sh*t together by 30. I get that. But I thought it would be fun to set my self a few little challenges to complete before that big birthday in just under two years time. A 30 before 30 list. Some may help me on my way to becoming a fully functioning adult, others are things I’ve wanted to do for a while, and some are just things I feel like I should have done already! Here goes…  

1. Climb Snowdon
This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m not even sure where this comes from but it seems fun and hopefully an achievable challenge with a toddler??

2. Give Lyra a sibling
Pretty self explanatory really. Once upon a time I imagined being finished having children by 30 but since we would quite like three I can’t see that happening in the time constraints so I’d settle for one more.

3. Visit the Lake District
Just somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. There are countless countries I’d love to travel to but that is just not realistic in the near future for us.

4. Cook my parents a three course meal
Before Matt and I were together I never cooked. Ever. I’m better now but when we have guests Matt tends to cook since he’s better at it than I am. So I’ve never cooked my parents a proper meal. That’s a little embarrassing and something I’m determined to rectify by the time I turn 30.

5. Be a bridesmaid
This might be a little cheat one as I have been asked to be a bridesmaid next summer but it is something I’ve never done but always wanted to. I’m not even sure if I technically can be called a bridesmaid since I’m married myself though?

6. Get a skincare routine
My skincare consists of washing my face and sticking any old moisturiser on it. It’s not good especially since I suffer quite badly with psoriasis. I will sort this out. 

7. Learn to drive
I do not know how to drive. I’ve only ever taken a handful of lessons and I have no real desire to be behind the wheel but I would like to do my share of the driving with Matt on long journeys.

8. Move house
This kind of ties in with number 2. With another child this house would quickly start feeling too small so I’d love to move.

9. Visit a spa
Never been to one. Would love to try it.

10. Dye my hair a crazy colour
I know that my hair is bright red at the moment but I’d love to try something really unusual. Like blue or purple or something.

11. Make a patchwork quilt
I love how these look and I think it would be so nice to snuggle up under something that I’ve made myself.

12. Make an item of clothing for myself (and wear it out of the house)
I just generally want to use my sewing machine more. I’ve made little toys for Lyra and sewn adjustments for things but making something from scratch to wear would be amazing.

13. Grow something that I could eat
I really can’t garden and I’d love to get into it more. I tried to set challenges on the list that had an end so ‘learn to garden’ wouldn’t really work. I’d love to eat something that I’ve grown from a seed. I have a feeling that this might be the hardest one on the list for me though.

14. Take Lyra camping
We stayed in a teepee last year with Lyra but it was not an enjoyable experience. I want to jump back into camping though before we build it up too much and avoid doing it ever again!

15. Learn a new skill
I’ve left this open on purpose as I want to leave some room for me to discover new things.

16. Go on a girly break
I’ve got a group of friends that I’ve known since I was a young girl. When we left school at 16 we talked about going on a girly holiday. 12 years later we still talk about it but have never gone. We’ve been away with partners and children but I’m still holding out hope for that girls only break.

17. Go wild swimming
It just looks like so much fun. I have no idea where to get started with this one though. Good job I’ve got two years.

18. Sew Lyra an outfit
Similar to 12. I want to use my sewing machine more and would love to see Lyra in something I’d made for her.

19. Read 26 books
I’d like to read a book by authors beginning with every letter in the alphabet. For example a book by Douglas Adams would be my A author. I’m not sure how doable this one is as I haven’t really researched it. I’d have loved to have set myself a massive reading target ( I used to read 50 books a year) but with Lyra I just can’t manage that anymore. Unless picture books count. Hopefully the author alphabet challenge makes up for the small number.

20. See a show
I’d love to go on a date with Matt to see some kind of show like our pre baby days.

21. Give up sugar for a month (at least)
I rely way too much on sugar to get me through the day. It really isn’t healthy so I’d be really curious to see what a month without sugar would do for me.

22. Go outside and watch the sunrise
I went to Avebury to watch the sunrise during the Summer solstice when I was a teenager and it was amazing. I’d love to repeat the experience whilst sharing it with Matt and Lyra. Failing that I’d settle for climbing up a hill and watching the sun rise one morning.
23. Declutter
I am such a hoarder. I have got much better in recent years but I’d love to enter a new decade with much less stuff.

24. Paint/make something to go on my wall
I take a lot of photos and quite a few of them are hung on our walls but I’d love to push myself and try painting or constructing something that I could decorate our home with. I think it would be nice to look up and think I made that.

25. Get another tattoo
The last tattoo that I got was in 2012. I find that I’m much more indecisive about them now and I just do not have the same level of disposable income that I once did. I am going to save some up though as I have a few ideas of tattoos that I’d like.

26. Do something completely out of my comfort zone
Because this is always good to do.

27. Raise money for charity 
Because this is also always good to do.

28. Find my perfect little black dress
I am rubbish at buying dresses. I think that I’ve found myself a nice one and then I see a picture of myself in it and change my mind. This usually leaves me frantically searching for something to wear after a last minute invite somewhere so finding that perfect little black dress would be great.

29. Upcycle a piece of furniture
I really want to do this. We’ve been talking about upcycling our dining table and chairs for ages but as usual keep putting it off. I’m hoping that by putting it on here I might be motivated enough to do it.

30. Visit 30 different National Trust places
Visiting National Trust sites is one of our very favourite things to do but we do tend to visit the same ones again and again. As lovely as those ones are I’d love to push us to visit some different ones.

So, there we have it. My 30 before 30 list. This list has probably told you quite a lot about me as it’s pretty personal. You’ll notice a distinct lack of partying and overseas travel in it and that’s because that’s just not where I am in my life right now. I’m going to keep referring back to this post over the next 23 months and hopefully post as I complete each challenge to update you. Despite the personal feel to it I wanted to blog about it to try and hold myself accountable and to stay motivated.

So what do you think of my 30 before 30 list? What would appear on a similar list for you?

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