Documenting Us in June

So, June is already over and just like that we’re halfway through the year and halfway through this challenge. Although I feel like I failed a little with our family pictures this month, I’m happy with how much we’ve managed to document Matt and I with Lyra. This challenge has been so worthwhile because there are now so many more photos of Lyra and I especially and that makes me so happy. Not only is Matt more likely to pick up the camera to capture me with Lyra but I’m getting better at remembering to turn the camera towards myself as well.

This month saw a rare weekend off all together which we spent in the sunshine as well as my birthday and a trip to the zoo. Combined with an evening gardening session we have quite a few pictures from June.

I’m not expecting half as many from July though as we currently have no days off together the whole month. Hopefully some early morning adventures before I go to work will get us by.

I started this challenge in January to get more photos of myself and Matt with Lyra. You can see past months here. I am also trying to take more family portraits throughout the year which you can see here.

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