To the Woman on the Train…

Thank you.

Thank you for not objecting when my over friendly daughter gave you her possessions one by one. Even when one of her ‘treasures’ was a used tissue. You didn’t shy away or get embarrassed when she patted your knee or tried to climb up on your lap even if she really invaded your personal space.

I’m still pretty new at this motherhood thing and I can count the number of train journeys I’ve taken with Lyra alone on one hand. Although I wish I didn’t, I still worry about what other people are thinking of me. I want them to know how much I love my daughter, how much I want her to be happy. So when Lyra chose that day to have her first public meltdown it’s safe to say that I was pretty frantic. To be honest I felt like having a meltdown too.

I repeatedly felt the need to tell you that it was just because she’d missed her nap due to the excitement of the day and so she was overtired. I may have told you once or twice that she’s never normally like that. I stood up to try and sway her but that was a mistake as I could then see everyone in the carriage watch me try and wrestle my screaming child.

I’m so glad that you were there when I sat back down, telling me not to worry about anyone else. Reminding me that all babies cry and that it happens to everyone. You helped keep me calm during that first public meltdown. Even after Lyra had been fighting sleep and crying for a good ten minutes. I feel that now that I’ve survived that first screaming fit I’ll (hopefully) have more confidence during the second.

I know that you will never get the chance to read this but I wanted to put my thanks out there in the universe.

Most of all I just want to say thank you for not being that guy at the end of the carriage with his head bent and his hands over his ears!

(I didn’t stop to take a photo on the train but here’s one of Lyra crying in Spain just to help you imagine it)

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