Planting Seeds…

So often in parenthood we are teaching our children. They look to us to introduce them to new things and explain how they work. It’s an amazing feeling to be the one to guide a little one through these early years of life. Of course, we’re learning everyday alongside them though as they have so much to teach us. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get to learn alongside our children and when that happens it’s magical.

As a family we love the outdoors. Since Lyra was a tiny baby her favourite thing to do was look up at the light shining through the leaves on a tree as we pushed or carried her around. On a rare day off all together we will undoubtedly head to the nearest National Trust property to walk through their gardens. I’m proud of how our family interacts with the natural world and I think that it is so important that Lyra has a relationship with nature. That being said, I know absolutely nothing about flowers or gardening. It’s something I’m embarrassed to say and something I want to rectify before Lyra follows in my footsteps.

We were recently sent some seeds and plant pots along with some instructions for simple planting and I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to get started in our gardening education. I know Lyra is only one but I’m a great believer in learning through play and she had so much fun helping us and just generally getting dirty! We were sent some cress, sunflower, and mixed flower seeds and I think Lyra’s favourite was definitely the sunflower seeds as she loved helping to poke them into the soil. She did enjoy sprinkling the others as well although we might have had to do some swift rearranging afterwards to avoid just one big mound of seeds.

It was so good to see Lyra getting stuck in. I want her to grow up feeling familiar with growing her own plants and not just admiring ones that others have grown. I feel like gardening can teach her some great skills at any age. Right now it may only be her motor skills as she practices picking up the seeds and feeling the different textures in the garden but in the future it will help her with so many more. And anything that encourages some outdoor play is good with me. Learning at Lyra’s pace takes it much less daunting for me as well. I can start as a complete beginner and not feel pressured into tackling too much. I’m so excited to be on this learning journey into the world of gardening with my daughter.

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