Firsts: Trip to the Beach

I have to start this post by warning you there are a lot of photos in it, I tried to limit the amount I put in but I just loved so many of them. Oh, and technically these are pictures from two separate beach trips but they were only a couple of days apart so I’m lumping them together. Her first day at the beach was one first that I was really excited about. I grew up by the sea and so so many of my childhood memories are linked to beaches. Trips with family and then, as I got older, friends. Days, weeks, evenings, all spent watching waves crash against the shore. In fact Matt even proposed to me on a beach in Wales. Lets just say I couldn’t wait to create more memories with my own little one on the beach. All of Lyra’s grandparents live near the coast so we’ve already taken her on numerous walks along cliffs and beaches but we hadn’t had a chance to give her a proper seaside experience due to her age and the weather. That was, until we went on holiday.

As much as I was excited about it I tried to manage my expectations. Lyra hates sitting on the grass at the moment so I had no idea how she would take to sand. My Mum bought Lyra her first bucket and spade in the hopes of distracting her as she loves scooping things up at the moment. So, with my excitement in check, we headed down to the beach with more stuff than I’ve ever taken with me before. It’s funny how such a little person requires so much stuff isn’t it.

I really needn’t have worried. As soon as she was sat down on the edge of a towel with her spade, she was having fun. She scooped sand into her bucket, she tipped it out again and she especially loved knocking down any sandcastles that we built for her. Once we knew that she was comfortable with her environment we decided to try her in the sea. It honestly could not have gone any better and those memories have easily become some of my favourite beach memories ever.

Matt carried her down to the waters edge to paddle. The way she held his hand and trusted him as she stepped into the cold water was so, so sweet. Watching the two of them together is one of my favourite pastimes and when it involves Lyra enjoying something new it’s even better.

That’s probably enough rambling about a trip to the beach! Well done if you made it all of the way through, it’s just that in my experience so far there aren’t many events that are even better than I build then up to be in my head. This though, well this exceeded all expectations.

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