Birthday Adventuring: A Trip to the Zoo

Thursday was my birthday and boy was it a good one. I was well and truly spoilt by my loved ones, Matt took the day off and so we decided to head to the zoo. I had taken Lyra to the zoo last September but she was only a few months old and didn’t really take any notice of any of the animals so this felt like a bit of a first still. I wasn’t sure how much better she’d be this time but since she had enjoyed the aquarium we thought that it was worth a try.

We arrived around lunchtime and so, after a little wander, we stopped and had picnic on the grass. The weather was stunning and there were lots of other people out enjoying the sunshine which meant lots of people watching for our curious little daughter.

Lyra also loved the animals! She still struggled seeing any of the smaller ones, and the twilight zone did not go well, but she kept pointing and shouting to the bigger ones. Her favourites were definitely the tortoises, we had to eventually drag her away from them, which is funny because she loved the turtles at the aquarium as well.

Lyra toddled along most of the day whilst holding on to one or both of us and even forgot once and walked on her own! She also went off exploring on her own whilst we were eating icecream until Matt caught up with her and brought her back.

We spent hours and hours at the zoo, it was such a fun day. I mean, any
time that I get to spend with my little family is fun but throw in
sunshine, a picnic, and some cute animals, and I’m in heaven. It really was a perfect start to being 28.

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