A Little Video of Lyra’s First Year

I take a lot of photos. I have for years. But one thing that I’ve never really been too into is videos which is weird because I love watching them. As Lyra gets older and more and more of personality starts to emerge, I feel that photographs can’t always showcase it properly. I don’t want to forget anything about how she is right now and so I’ve found myself filming Lyra more and more. Luckily Matt and I had taken quite a few little clips of Lyra throughout her first year and Matt was able to edit them together into this short video. I love it and am already regretting not filming her more in her first year.

We’ve been filming more and more since Lyra turned one and so Matt and I have started a YouTube channel to share some of the little videos we make. At the moment there’s only this one on there but hopefully by the end of this week there will be a couple more. I’m not sure where we’re going to go with this but it’s exciting to be doing something creative together so I’d love it if you headed on over there to subscribe and give us some encouragement.
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