Our Trip to Spain – May 2015

We’re back! I cannot begin to tell you how lovely our holiday was. We didn’t do anything particularly crazy or exciting but just getting the chance to be together away from the everyday distractions and stresses was amazing. Just what we all needed. My Mum and Grandma came as well so we got some nice quality time with them and they got to create some memories with Lyra. I was really nervous about flying with Lyra as she’s just got to the age where she doesn’t want to sit still on my lap, choosing instead to climb down and explore, but she was so well behaved. My Mum had wrapped Lyra up a little present to open as the plane was taking off and it worked perfectly at distracting her so thanks Mum!

I think the highlight of the trip for Lyra was the beach. I wasn’t sure how she’d take to the sand because she hates the feel of grass but apparently sand is the best in her mind. She sat on it, played with it and of course tried to eat it. I think we all enjoyed making sandcastles a little too much as well. Lyra also loved the sea despite the fact that it was pretty chilly. Watching Matt throwing her in the air and dipping her in the water whilst she giggled hysterically has to be my favourite memory of our holiday. I’ve got so many pictures of us on the beach though that I think I’ll have to do a separate post about it otherwise there are going to be way too many pictures in this one.

We ate so much good food whilst we were away and although Lyra ate pretty much everything that we did there was a clear favourite for her. Churros with chocolate sauce. On our last day in Spain we ordered some to share and just let Lyra get stuck in with us. What resulted was a very messy, very happy little girl and some photos which will always make me smile.

Most of our time was spent just chilling out together and relaxing in the sunshine. My Mum had bought Lyra a paddling pool and although she loved the sea and the normal swimming pool she wasn’t as keen on getting in the paddling pool. She did like leaning over and dipping her hands in it though. Basically, the whole trip was relaxing and spent enjoying our time together. I’ll finish this post with even more photos, I took so many whilst we were away. We even managed to film a bit so maybe I’ll be able to post a video in a couple of days. Maybe, if I manage to figure it all out…

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  1. 31st May 2015 / 10:31 pm

    Oh my God I love churros!!! I could live on those just with plain sugar. I need to get back to Spain.

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