Our Bank Holiday

I only work part time which is great. Unfortunately I work Saturday, Sunday and Monday so no bank holiday weekend for me. I was determined to still try and squeeze some of that relaxed, bank holiday, family goodness out of today though so before I went to work we headed out on a little walk. We weren’t out for long but it was nice to enjoy some sunshine and just catch up with Matt outside of the house. Lyra napped whilst we walked and then once we were home we all tucked into Matt’s home made banana cake which was delicious. Lyra was pretty suspicious of it to start with but once she had tried some she was one happy little girl!

Then it was work for me unfortunately but it was only a short shift and before I knew it I was finished and meeting Matt and Lyra again. We decided to try and squeeze a little trip to Prior Park in before dinner and although we got caught in the rain we had a great time. I could almost have believed that we had a whole day of family adventuring together and I really needed it. I didn’t realise how much until we were out there in the fresh air, holding hands, laughing, and just being together. Oh, how my soul craves that. It was also fun to have a chance to use my camera out and about again so here are a few of the many pictures I took.

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