No Longer Living for the Weekend

It’s Friday evening. My instagram feed is full of glasses of wine and TGIFs, people looking forward to spending time with their family over the weekend. But all I can think is that my working week is about to begin. Now, before I go any further I just need to say that I know I’m incredibly lucky that I only work three days a week. I know that I’m blessed to be able to spend the rest of the time with Lyra, I do. I really do. But I’m struggling and since this blog is a place to document my journey through motherhood I have to write about it. I’ll try to keep it from becoming too whiny though, I promise.

Just to set the scene a little let me explain our current childcare setup. Matt works normal office hours Monday to Friday with an hour long commute thrown on top. I work Saturday to Monday so Lyra is obviously with Matt at the weekends and then our Mums alternate the Mondays. We have this setup as I don’t bring in too much income and so paying for childcare would just make me going to work pointless. So there we have it. Oh, and I went back to work in January so we’ve been doing this for a good few months now.

Now, I’m not struggling too much with the leaving Lyra side of it if I’m honest. I think it’s really good for her that she gets one on one time with her Daddy and I love that her grandparents have a chance to really build a strong relationship with her. So that’s all good. What I’m really struggling with is missing my husband and family time! Whilst I was on maternity leave our weekends were full of adventures and I loved it. And I loved the non adventure days just as much, we were spoilt and could afford to ‘waste’ a day just lazing around together. I miss it so much. I miss hanging out with my husband, I miss those days filled with possibility. 

On a positive note I’m going to try and change the little part of my weekend that I do have control over. I don’t start work until 11 on the Sunday so that gives me a few hours. Those few hours are usually taken up with sneaking a little lie in in our preparing for the day but instead I’m going to make a conscious effort to squeeze a little adventure in. Just a little bit of family time. It may just be a trip to the park or a walk, maybe some baking or breakfast out. Something. Anything. Because this is time that I’ll never get back. I can’t change the fact that I have to work those three days but I can change how I spend those first few hours on a Sunday morning. Here goes.

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