13 Months Old.

During Lyra’s first year I posted little weekly updates on here along with a photo taken in the same spot every time. As much as I love looking at them now I didn’t really want to carry it on into her second year as her appearance isn’t changing as quickly any more and she’s really difficult to keep her sitting in a certain spot now. I couldn’t stop doing it completely though so I’m compromising and continuing with monthly updates during Lyra’s second year.

So, Lyra is 13 months! I can’t believe her first birthday is already a month ago, it’s gone so quickly (that reminds me I really need to finish her thank you cards, eek). Lyra has changed so much in the past few weeks and she’s learnt lots of new little tricks. The most exciting thing that she’s done this month is take her first couple of steps! She’s still not too interested in learning to walk as she can get around quicker crawling and cruising along the furniture but she is starting to take a few steps here and there. It’s so exciting to see her start to take those first shaky steps and know that it won’t be long before she’s running around everywhere.

A couple of other things Lyra has been doing this month are:

  • Climbing up on the sofa. I have no idea where she learnt this but she’s really good at it now and what’s worse is she can’t get back down alone. This leads to tantrums until we go and rescue her.
  • Standing up on her own. In the past week Lyra has learnt how to stand up without pulling herself up on something like the sofa or us. She has not perfected this yet though and more often than not will find herself back on her bum.
  • Laughing just because we are. This has to be one of my favourite things from this month! If Matt and I are laughing at something together Lyra will just join in with this really fake laugh and, of course, this just makes us laugh even harder. 
  • Refusing to eat meals without having her spoon and fork. She doesn’t eat with them most of the time but she needs to have them anyway for some reason. Most of the time she picks things up with her fingers, puts them on the spoon and then eats it or vice versa. 
  • Covering her eyes when we say where’s Lyra before uncovering them and shouting boo. She is very proud of herself for doing this and will even do it when nursing. Haha.

This month has been a good one and I’m excited to see what she learns next month. I feel like there’s something new everyday at the moment.

You can see updates from Lyra’s first year here.

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