Letter to Lyra: Before you Turn One

Dear Little Lyra,

Right now you’re fast asleep in your cot and I can hear your snuffly breathing through the baby monitor as I type this. It’s a noise that

sounds oh so familiar to me and yet I’ve only been hearing it for the past year. I feel that way about a lot of things now. The sight of your smile in the morning, the feel of your fingers grasping mine as I feed you, the way you smell after a bath and the sound of your giggle as your daddy chases you around the living room. All of these are relatively new sensations and yet I feel like I’ve known them all my life.


Tomorrow you turn one. Before I put you to bed tonight I took some photos of you during your usual bedtime routine. I wanted to capture what you look like right now, before you turn one. As I was giving you your bedtime feed I couldn’t help but reflect on your first year of life. This year has completely and utterly changed me in the best way possible and I want to thank you for that my darling. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is. Thank you for showing me how good a father my husband is and making me fall even further in love with him. Thank you for teaching me what is really important in this life. Most of all though, thank you for being you.



I can’t wait to see how you grow, what sort of person that you’ll become.

You are such a joy and I love you Lyra Jo,

Very Much So xxx


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