Extraordinary Ordinary: First Time in the Garden

I feel like I’ve been slacking recently with documenting the everyday moments. The ones that, on the surface appear like ordinary, everyday moments but on closer inspection are actually extraordinary. And so, I’m going to try and make a little more effort to record them on here because they are moments that I never want to take for granted or to forget.

This week was the first time Lyra and I played in the garden. That might sound a little crazy consdering the fact that she’s one but last summer she was too little for much playing and this year so far we’ve been to the park almost every sunny day. It’s like I had forgotten that we had a garden and that Lyra might like to play in it. For her birthday Lyra received some garden toys including a slide and so, the next day that the weather looked nice we headed out to play.

One of the toys Lyra was given for her birthday was a water play table so I filled it up and let her explore. For some reason Lyra hates the feel of grass at the moment so I had to pull the blanket right up to the table which, of course, meant that it got soaking wet but it was worth it. She especially loved the watering can and tipping the water over the floor.

Now that I’ve rediscovered our garden I can’t wait for some more good weather so that we can get back out there!

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  1. 28th April 2015 / 8:20 pm

    That looks like so much fun! The weather has been so lovely recently, perfect for playing in the garden! I love Lyra's straw hat 🙂 x

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