Documenting us in March

I set myself a little challenge in January to try and be a little more purposeful in taking photos of Lyra with myself and Matt. I felt that I really didn’t do well in February but I’m happy to report that March went so much better! Fingers crossed that we’re starting to get the hang of it and that this month wasn’t just a fluke! Weirdly my favourite photos this month were taken up in our bedroom so I obviously need to take my camera upstairs a little more. I used my self timer on the camera for the photos of Lyra and I here which meant I could snap some pictures when she was happiest and I didn’t have to rely on Matt for them.

I also took these really sweet ones of Matt and Lyra in our bedroom one Saturday morning whilst they were playing together. I ended up with loads that I liked but I just chose a couple for this post as I didn’t want to bore you all. I feel like their love for each other really shines through in these.

Whilst we were in the pool at Center Parcs we also remembered to take a couple of candid shots of each other with Lyra which made a nice change. Usually I’d look back at photos from that sort of experience and every photo would just focused on Lyra. It makes me glad that I started this little project and also shows me how our thought processes are already changing (fingers crossed).

You can see my previous attempts here.

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